Stress Disease driving

Car accident cause by several factors. One of the hazards of everyday life occurring mental overload, fatigue, stressful life situations are.
Unfortunately, the best solutions that avoid stressful situations almost impossible to meet. So what can you do?

As an athlete your stresses and tensions. Eat a healthy, let us take vitamins and refrain as much as possible of fresh, clean air.

Some studies have shown that negative ions which are naturally high concentrations of environment and forests, near waterfalls observed positive effects on human performance.

Toyota car factory carried out a test, which was designed to determine whether changes in the mental state of drivers, fatigue index of negative ions enriched atmosphere.

They recorded the speed sensory, mental stress, fatigue, adrenaline levels in the urine, which indicates the degree of biochemical fatigue, and driving performance.

One of the functions of the subjects had a constant high speed in a large circle circular orbit at 120 km / h for 50 minutes.

The second task was to drive 60 minutes evenly, to 40 km / h.

The three cars, light emitting diode (LED) was positioned on the left, right and center of the top of the car. The problem was that the drivers have to brake down when the lights flash.

Both observed in the experiment the results of two negative-ion-rich environment (10,000 ions / cm3), and a natural air environment (control).


The results showed that the negative ionic environment adrenaline level was lower than the standard-atmosphere environment. So the atmosphere is rich in negative ions lowered the conductors stress.

The leaders quickly responded, 57% of the negative ionic environment, the flash lamps.
These results indicate that the negative ions to improve the response time of the drivers, and can increase stress tolerance.


The Toyota factory test 10,000 negative ions / cm3 enriched atmosphere has done. The car air purification device can emit 4.8 million negative ions to achieve an optimum of 15 m3 of air space, ie approx. 6-8 m2 can effectively permanently fitted with negative ions. 



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