The air quality of the majority of people feel. We all realize that better air quality in places where the plant is located along a lot, and waterfront locations.

Much better if clean, free places we live our daily lives, excursions or a good one and teleszívjuk our lungs with fresh, clean air. Both physically and mentally refreshing effect on the body.

Air pollution is a worldwide concern, according to health-related studies. The situation is getting worse in developing countries, where urbanization, industrialization and the rapidly growing population is typical.

The toxic substances, harmful gases, metals, hydrocarbons, etc, endanger human life and may be linked to lung, heart and blood vessels, certain cancers, diseases and asthma.                                                                                                                                                              


Air pollution and its impact on the human body in many research is being done all over the world.

Result of research conducted by the National Resources and molecular biology researchers funded by the US government on the impact of air pollution on human health, which have shown that high levels of critical air pollution was observed in all seasons of the transport hubs and commercial centers. The respiratory infections have increased by 25% due to the ratio of indoor smoke problems, asthma prevalence of 4.4%, respectively. The people living in cities are exposed to high road pollution, which increases the heart coronary artery based on the surveys and / or the risk of high blood pressure and certain cancers 37.9% -52.2 cent. 



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The impact of air pollution on human health of the results of research conducted by National Resources and molecular biology researchers funded by the US government:

The US Environmental Protection Agency program in order to reduce air pollution