Negative ions, also known as anions are essential for the healthy functioning of the human body. More research calls it the air of vitamins.
Why? What are these ions that are coming up? How can the functioning of our body?
The universe, all matter consists of tiny, spherical neutral particles called atoms. The atomic nucleus, and are elektronburokból. Neutralizes the negative charge of the atomic charge neutral, as in the positive nuclear charge, the same number of electrons in elektron shell. 
If the atom is one or more electrons lose or picks up, it upsets the balance of electrons and protons, and therefore becomes electrically charged. The electrically charged atoms called ions.
The ions in the environment naturally present in a colorless, odorless, chemical particles, atoms, molecules are electrically charged.


In case of surplus electrons negatively charged ion (anion) is generated. Negative ions are released waterfront places, waterfalls, water evaporation. In urban areas it is much lower than concentrations of rural areas.



Lack of electrons in the evenings positively charged ions (cations) is created. Positive ions are created naturally as the decay of radioactive minerals, ultraviolet rays when struck by lightning, forest fires age.



In our daily environment, both ions are present. As in urban areas, closed areas, offices, town homes, cars are much smaller amounts of negative ions as positive ions, we should take care their presence.

Some of the air circulating harmful positively charged ion:

    Dust, pollen, viruses, bacteria                           Formaldehyde, benzene

    Smoke                                                                          Molecules that cause odors


How anions to purify the air?


The positively and negatively charged ions are attracted to each other, an ionic bond with each other. The ions are stuck together due to their weight under gravity fall to the ground, do not continue to circulate the air, so as to avoid inhaling them. Then, the usual cleaning activities such as vacuuming can easily remove them.


Facts about the negative ions:

Tasteless and odorless.
The anion invigorates the entire body, including the nervous system, cardiovascular system, cells, lymph, improving their functioning, increasing vitality.


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A high anion levels significantly affects health: Perindopril reduces stress, eases the nervousness, increased mental activity, enhances alertness while driving.
It helps in blood purification, and absorption of mineral salts in the blood. It improves lung function.
It increases the production of gamma globulin, which is responsible for the organization.





The high level of anion and ozone kills bacteria, it increases the body's resistance, hinder the development of diseases caused by climate.
It helps prevent infections.




driving in smog


Why I'm sick of air conditioners?


Pollen allergy in car


Stress in car


Cigarette odor car


smelly car


Are there any credible scientific articles, which underpin the benefits of negative ions?


The physiological effects of negative ions are being researched for decades. The New York Times in a 1981 article by Walter Sullivan detailing the results of research he found that long.
Read this article to migraine, headache, breathing difficulties facing patients' condition improved in areas rich in negative ions.
Dr. Albert Paul Krueger and colleagues at the University of Berkeley californica ia reported that the negative ions present in the high doses raise blood levels of the hormone serotonin. Szterotonin The hormone is produced in the CNS, it plays a role in the absence of depression, migraine, and induction of neuronal disorders.

Article Guy Cramer has studied the relationship between asthma and ions. The article read, inter alia, in the UK at Oxford University student study was the treatment of asthma, hay fever and bronchitis in patients with negative ions in the air space rich. At the end of the study was that patients were healed by the end of the treatment.

Dr. Cleve Begg public health engineer clinical pilot study conducted in the United Kingdom. He and his team examined the negative ions are used in hospitals issuer devices are effective whether in the air circulating in reducing hospital infections. The study results of New Scientist declaring engineer said he was surprised when he saw the result. A hospital infections circulating in the atmosphere is completely eliminated. Stephen Dean, St James experiment involved a hospital consultant, said "The results were fantastic! So much so that we asked to leave our university ionizing device!"  

The United States Department of Agriculture conducted research to examine the extent to which negative ions enriched air exerts a bactericidal effect. The study found that negative ions have significantly reduced the salmonella bacteria, and the presence of dust.
We offer car air cleaner 15 m3 of air space, ie approx. 6-8 m2 can effectively permanently fitted with negative ions.

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