The molecular diversity unit circulates triggering different effects on human health. Air pollution point of view it does not matter where we live our daily lives. The quality of the air we breathe immediate sensory comments too, can greatly affect our health.

Research conducted by health professionals showed that those organizations are increasingly harmful to the so-called ultrafine particles, which are very small dust particles and water mixtures, energy and operating machinery, vehicles emitted by combustion products.

The 10-micrometer-sized dust particles to the thickness of a human hair make up part of a 5-fifth. The ultra-fine particles, specks of dust, fumes, gases, even more significantly smaller particle size less than 2.5 micrometres, which are dangerous to human health because they inhaled into the lungs, where the blood attach to come.

A joint German and an American research team, the study conducted in 2015 showed that the formation of ultrafine particles increases the chances of many diseases.

He said the southwestern part of Germany by Prof. Peters based on a survey conducted city of Augsburg, when he analyzed the results and found a correlation between levels of ultrafine particles in heart rate and changes. The increased value present in the ultrafine particles causes, such as participation in road traffic, the test subjects heart operation in 5 minutes. This experiment substantiate the finding that there is a stronger strain of the areas exposed to air polluted by the body, which increases the chances of developing cardiovascular disease by.
Prof. Peters expressed concern that the period of the survey (in 2015) there was no threshold of ultrafine particles issuer cars, generators regulation.

According to Professor concern about the control deficiencies because many research clearly indicates the heart, the link between cardiovascular disease, diabetes, mental health, and certain cancers, and.
In the UK, at the University of Edinburgh 100 analysis, in which 28 countries participated, it revealed that ultrafine particles (dust, smoke) have an impact on stroke development. Based on the results, it is clearly higher risk of stroke in air polluted areas.



The above research also demonstrates that you should take precautions to avoid the harmful effects of air pollution. In addition, we try to spend more time in the fresh air, you should take care of daily.

A device operating in the cigarette lighter of the air filters in the ultra-fine particles, prevents the pollutants reach the body by inhalation. Use your car on a daily basis to ensure continued air purification.


The environmental regulations currently in force availability:

European Union Environmental Protection Agency EEA

US Environmental Protection Agency  EPA

Environmental Organization Asian countries AECEN

Australian Environmental Protection Agency  AELERT

United Nations Environment Programme  UNEP

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